A Collaborative Partnership

Aren’t they all? Well, yes, they should be.

The Link Positive team is custom developed to fit your business situation and needs. Leveraging a network of independent collaborative partners, Link Positive offers organizational leaders a nimble, high-caliber, cross-functional team to complement existing team members, partners and resources. The objective, media-neutral basis of the Link Positive approach removes redundancy and limitations, allowing a holistic solution for overall brand experiences through business processes, company culture and environment, product, service, distribution communications and all touch points.

Work as an extension of your team

You’ve laid the foundation; we’re here to help you reach the next level. We seek to recognize where you are now, so we can pick up and help where we can add incremental value. You’re probably not doing a 180-degree about face; you might just want to veer a couple degrees West…or maybe you want to stir it up with a whirring, Shawn-White-inspired 1080 and stay on still stay track!

We don’t go off to a black box. We might wear black and work in darkened rooms, but the best work is the result of dialogue, joint discovery and co-development with your team. After all, you own it!

Brought together to focus on your brand and task at hand

You’ve got talented employees and external partners. We’re here to work together with your established team, filling in market knowledge gaps, offering new perspective, facilitating team strategy and brainstorming sessions, and adding bandwidth to allow for rapid development and go-to-market implementation.

The term “virtual agency” doesn’t really paint the right picture.  We might work from different locations using digital tools; but, the people, the experiences  and the results created are very real. We’re typically centered in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro; and we’re big on personal meetings  to keep it real.

Talent on-demand/ Just in Time (JIT)

Not your typical agency. Our model provides for just the right team members contributing when they are called for; this allows for research and strategic planning to develop without a team of creative and production folks on the clock (and overhead), waiting to design + implement. We bring in these partners when we have the strategic direction in place to move forward.

Let’s team up. Contact Link Positive to see how our team maps to your team.