About the “Link Positive” Name

Link Positive offers expertise in brand naming and brand identity development. And, we’re often asked the origin of our name. So, here’s some of the rationale and message pillars associated with our own name:

“Link Positive” means:

  • Strong relationships and stakeholder connections
  • Attractive, positively-charged magnetic brands
  • Positive, rewarding interaction and experiences at each touch point (Don’t leave your stakeholders “nonplussed”)
  • Good Web links and interactive strategy
  • Confident and sure of strategic direction
  • Optimistic approach (It sounds like “think positive” for a reason)
  • Added value/ mutually beneficial
  • Improved results, ROI, KPI
  • Doing Good

Beyond the intended meaning and supporting messages, other factors in the naming selection include:

  • Uniqueness/distinctiveness
  • Intuitive pronunciation and spelling
  • Availability: lack of other businesses use in the same category/ geography; as well as “.com” URL availability (in 2006)
  • SEO and Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) – no other companies with the same name (though a Jamaican Reggae artist and a health organization each use “Positive Link”); most search results yield separate uses of the words (e.g. “the missing link: positive indicators…).

Let’s get connected and start seeing positive results for your brand.

more name message detail:

Link = Relationships

  • Brands and Stakeholders
  • Companies and customers
  • Causes and supporters
  • Business strategy and market insights

Link = Connection

  • Brand with Market/user needs and interests (usability, VOC)
  • Perception and Message – Aligning common interests, complementary offerings, attributes, values, etc.
  • Through the Value Chain, from source to satisfaction, adding value in the links
  • Creating experiences each point of contact and in processes
  • Linking steps in the relationship development process; Linking stages in the opportunity or customer acquisition “funnel”
  • Linking business strategy to branding, marketing and sales
  • Leveraging personal connections and knowledge to build  best-fitting teams to address the issue at hand

Link = Interactive

  • Leveraging a Web-centric model for information sharing and interaction
  • Visits, conversion, acquisition/transactions
  • Reputable inbound links improving SERPs and quality site visitor
  • Panning for gold in the clickstream

Positive = Results

  • Return on Investment
  • Growth in community, customers, sales and profits
  • Improvement – process efficiencies, quality controls, key performance metrics
  • Perceptions and Actions in the course of the relationship development process

Positive = Sure

  • A thorough, process-based approach provides a solid platform for decisions and investments, mitigating risk
  • With objectives, key performance indicators, performance-based metrics and measurement, the ability to optimize

Postive = Added Value

  • Leveraging intangible differentiators related to products, services and causes
  • Bringing incremental contributions to your team

Positive = Optimism

  • Great accomplishments start with ideas, vision, passion and optimism
  • Seek to identify strong, differentiated attributes and market opportunities, while identifying and overcoming negatives and barriers to success