Market Relationship Development

Helping Attract, Engage and Grow Your Brand Relationships

Whether you call it branding, marketing, business development, sales or community-building, it’s all about building connections with people and linking  shared interests -  common or complementary – for mutual gain.

Link Positive recognizes that your market relationships are the livelihood of your business. Your brand gives and receives value with your stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Employees
  • Advocates
  • Investors
  • Community
  • Media

Your business relationships result from ongoing processes of attraction, engagement, delivery and reinforcement. The points of contact – “touchpoints” or “mix” – that best facilitate and support relationship development are found at the intersection of business strategy and market understanding. With the voice of your customer inherent in your efforts, you’ll assure the development of relevant, differentiated products, services and brand communications

Develop a magnetic brand and deploy “pull marketing” strategies to complement your sales efforts. Starting with a clear understanding of your goals and performance criteria, informed with market insight, Link Positive will help you define and manage the the mix of product, service, marketing, communications, sales and services to create meaningful, value-added brand experiences for your stakeholders and a positive return on the resulting relationships.

Contact Link Positive to start developing your business relationships today.