Market Research

Market Sensing and Insights

Market insight is at the heart of truly successful product or service, brand, marketing program or sales effort. It’s grounded in the earliest definitions of marketing, and holds even more importance than ever as organizations strive to become more “customer-centric” in an increasingly competitive and fragmented marketplace. And, while tried-and-true methods such as interviews, focus groups, surveys and data analysis continue to offer certain advantages, new data sources and technologies  – including social media – offer an unprecedented mode for sensing and seizing market opportunities. No longer a snapshot at a single point in time,  market sensing is increasingly becoming a continuous process, helping to inform stages of iteration and optimization in product development, marketing programs, Web site development and sales processes.

  • Secondary/Syndicated Research Gathering
  • Interviews, Focus Groups
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Comparator benchmarking + “best practices” identification
  • Surveys
  • Voice of the Customer (V.O.C.) Initiatives
  • Social Media Auditing
  • “Crowd-sourcing” ideas/inputs via social media
  • Target audience definition, segmentation and persona development
  • Usability Testing and User Experience Audits (UX)