Social Media Marketing

Sensing, Strategy and Scoping are Key to Business Results in Social Media Landscape

With over 400 million active users, Facebook is surpassing Google as the #1 Web traffic destination. Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. A single Tweet can reach exponential growth when reTweeted by the right followers.

Social media has democratized content creation, enabling a transparent forum for a collective voice and individual connection, fueling  new content creation and consumption patterns with the consumer in the drivers seat. While core marketing and brand  strategies, the media, mechanisms ans processes employed to engage with stakeholders are changing rapidly.

Brands seeking to maximize participation in social media face challenges in assessing the vast array of fragmented tools channels and pockets of activity. Some question the business value, and others wrestle with the proper allocation of budget and other resources toward social media efforts.

So, how is your businesses content strategy going to offer something distinct and valuable for your audiences? And, how are you going to find your stakeholders to connect and engage with them? Link Positive offers Social Media Strategy services to help you navigate your market opportunities and focus your resources in channels and communities that offer the greatest return.

Review and Define Business Drivers

  • Determine business objectives and KPIs
  • Review and prioritize stakeholders
  • Assess current marketing, sales and outreach efforts; include Web site and overall content strategy
  • Establish associated keywords and topics

Market Sensing and Monitoring

  • “Listening” to the existing Web-based and social media activity
  • Use monitoring and search tools to sense relevant activity
  • Search Web, including social Web, for related activity
  • Run diagnostic reports on search and social visibility/health
  • Identify people/communities/topics of interest
  • Identify reference comparator cases
  • Report on findings; review as team
  • Analyze, brainstorm, focus

Develop focused participation plan

  • High-level strategy for Web, Social Media and PR outreach
  • Proposed activities to leverage opportunities
    (crowdsourcing; fans/followers/connections, etc.)
  • Measurement criteria and tools/processes
  • Determine which communities/channels offer greatest potential to achieve goals
  • Brainstorm our opportunities/role/activities in context
  • Integration with existing mix of activity
  • Channels and tools to engage  (e.g. blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, HootSuite, etc.)
  • Resource allocation and team roles
  • Schedule and dependencies (GANTT chart)

Tracking, analysis and reporting

  • Establish tools/schedule
  • Implement incrementally
  • Work from prioritized project plan to launch pilot effort in manageable increments
  • Measure, analyze, optimize
  • Determine impact and value/ROI, relative to goals/objectives

A few benefits of social media for business:

  • Gain stakeholder insights
  • Sense market opportunities
  • Extend reach with added points of contact (reach stakeholder where they are)
  • Activate community; assemble + converse around topics (demonstrate your added value, solution orientation)
  • 1:1 opportunities for personal engagement
  • Improve search engine visibility and keyword association  (SERPs, inbound links, etc.)

Contact Link Positive to develop a strategic social media marketing plan to support your business goals and tap into the groundswell of opportunities to engage your market!