Website Design

Link Positive can help you maximize your online branding, marketing and sales facilitation with a website-centric model. We offer expertise in both new site design and development, as well as  site evolution or revamp, helping assess the overall fit of  site content and functionality relative to your goals and objectives (e.g. conversion targets), the target audience user personas and the tasks they seek to accomplish at your site.

  • Business Process Review
  • Site Statistics Analysis and Qualitative Insights
  • Establish Objectives / Measurement Criteria / KPIs
  • User Personas and Task Scenarios
  • Content Strategy
  • Feature / Functionality Planning
  • Information Architecture + User Interface / Wire frames
  • Usability Testing and Design Refinement
  • Technical Platform and Content Management Assessment
  • Site Analytics and Optimization

Link Positive brings a unique blend of business-orientation, user insight, message development and digital strategy and implementation to the mix for efficient review, assessment, planning and implementation. We can focus on optimizing keywords, messages, segmentation, landing pages and overall content in the site and related outreach efforts for a coordinated approach to attracting and converting key target profiles.

We can help you assess current traffic sources, targeted actions, interactions, content functionality and conversion, and establish a plan of action to improve the holistic performance. While most of our clients operate with a site-centric model, these processes can relate to overall sales/marketing opportunity management across marketing tools  in the context of  a funnel analogy.

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